Hi, my name is Nicole and I am a Natural hair fanatic. My hair has been natural for a little over 3 years now and I am not going to lie to anyone, it has not been an easy journey...

Hi, my name is Nicole and I am a Natural hair fanatic. My hair has been natural for a little over 3 years now and I am not going to lie to anyone, it has not been an easy journey...

Let me start off by telling you about my journey. Throughout my childhood and early teen years my hair was predominantly relaxed. During my mid-teens, I found myself being attracted to coloured hair and I ended up dyeing my hair various colours like purple, red, brown, etc. After using the dye, my hair would have it's fair share of problems, but nothing it couldn't bounce back from..


Enter my late teens - I grew an affinity to light colours, specifically platinum blonde. This is when the real trouble started started for me. Naturally my hair is a really dark brown colour coupled with incredibly low porosity (BIG WORD ALERT, it basically means my hair under a microscope is full of tiny holes and the liquid goes straight through). So yes, the combination of having really dark hair with low porosity meant it was excruciatingly difficult for colour to deposit on my hair.

Consequently, to achieve the desired colour for my hair (platinum blonde), i would frequently apply dyes and bleaches to my hair. Now it’s not rocket science to know that this was not a really good idea, what’s that saying by that scientist "ALL SUBSTANCES ARE POISONOUS, THE RIGHT DOSE DIFFERENTIATES A POSION AND A REMEDY”. In summary i was definitely was using the the wrong dose, the frequency in which i was dyeing my hair ended up being the poison that damaged my hair beyond repair.

Realising there was nothing that would resurrect my hair at this point, i decided to go for the big chop, i cut all my hair and decided to jump on the “Natural train”. Being natural proved to be challenging so with the growth i had achieved i jumped off the train by relaxing my hair, only to realise my hair had not yet fully recovered from the excess bleaching & colouring of the past. With no other option i was forced to start all over again (BIG CHOP VERSION 2)

(FOOL ME ONCE SHAME ON YOU, FOOL ME TWICE SHAME ON ME) After having to cut my hair for the second time i was determined not make the same mistakes again! So, this i time i chose a different approach. My transition was to grow my hair natural with the relaxed ends (GENIUS!). It was tough & demanding (FINANCIALLY, EMOTIONALLY & PHYSICALLY). I was experimenting with all sorts of products, routines, you name it. Now 2 years of being naturally i can honestly say i have succeeded and in the process figured out my hair.

A word of advice, if your hair is relaxed, heat damaged, colour damaged or any sort of undesirable damage and you wish to return to natural hair, i would encourage you you to think about. It is a challenging journey. Don’t take my word for it…...observe all of these upcoming “naturalistas” they are here today and gone tommorow simply because they jump on trend and underestimate the demands, this is why so many of them relax their within such a short period of time.

Growing and maintaining natural hair is a journey with humps and bumps, ups and downs. What works for me or someone else is not guaranteed to work for you. The default setting is usually to adopt products that are widely recommended into your hair care routine until you have found what works for you.

This year i made the decision to start blogging about my hair journey because when i started out i didn’t know where to look for advice & tips on caring for my hair. I hope my blogging is effective for those who are looking for where and how to start their journey.

I mentioned earlier that maintaining natural hair has its ups and downs……. i am excited to share one of the “ups”. Due to my passion for hair, namely natural hair i was selected to be a brand ambassador for haircare brand called Moyo Beauty Ltd. Initially i agreed simply because the thought of being an ambassador sounded cool. However, after having learnt more about the brand, their values etc…i was intrigued. They are an Afrocentric brand with culture & heritage being at the core of their foundation, this resonates well with who i am.

Unlike other ambassadors and influencers my word is my bond, i would never advocate for a product/brand that does not work for me, nor will i be willing to mislead my readers. I made that very clear to Moyo beauty, they were more than willing to accommodate my demands. I have now had the opportnuity to use their products “Shampoo Motsi” and created a short video review on it.I am yet to do a written review of my opinion thus far…for now i will leave with the link to my review….

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